How can we critically examine the increasing financialisation of our lives? How will this impact the way we'll live and work together in the future? How can we create better systems than the ones we've inherited?

• 5. August - 9. August 2019
• Based at ACUD in Berlin, Germany
• Special one week intensive, full-time
• Small class of participants

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



This program is about money! Whether we have it or not, money rules the world, or so it seems. In recent years, technologies  like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain have come to the fore offering alternatives to the current system but we need to know more!  What’s the history of economies and money, what are the current  financial systems that plague us, how does money laundering and tax evasion work, how might we create new systems and alternatives that can help bring about justice and level the playing field? This program is an  attempt to create a progressive curriculum for financial literacy, for  everyone!

Together we'll talk about the myths and  realities of socio-cultural patterns such as barter, value exchange systems, gift economies and the peculiar relation of money & moral.  We'll also trace the history of money and credit and understand their  associations with societal changes while exploring different notions of value creation and value accounting in societies worldwide.

Taking the recent financial crisis 2007-2008  as a starting point for the rise of a finance-counterculture, we'll look at: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the notion of platform cooperativism (as opposed to platform capitalism), and the rise of  horizontal organizational structures where collective financial decision making is emerging as a new norm and the idea of re-inventing  the commons as a way for creating livelihood for everybody.  All in one action-packed week! 

The class will include playful yet earnest  experiments in financial co-creation: we will work on concepts and  prototypes for basic income, token systems, and community currencies.

This class aims at providing a solid understanding of money and finance, in relation to different political and social systems. Students will learn about the emergence of markets,  credit, debt, and corruption as we seek to stimulate everyone’s  imagination of how a fair, inclusive economy might become a reality.

Note: We're excited to introduce a new format for our Money and Evidence programs. These are two new topics that we feel are vital for many of us, so we decided to make these programs as accessible as possible, each of them one-week long at a much lower cost. This is an experimental format for us but if all goes well we hope to repeat it and offer two one-week programs per year focused on critical tools for artists and activists.

in this course,
you will be
introduced to

  • General history of money and economies
  • Current state of worldwide financial systems
  • Practical knowledge of money laundering, tax evasion, debt, how people "beat" the system
  • Working vocabulary of finance
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their functions in real life and as creative practice
  • Finance hacking and interventions
  • An amazing network and community of like-minded creative beings and potential future collaborators

course outline

:See above for topics covered.

who is this
program for?

This program is for anyone interested in understanding the history of money, how it has evolved, where it is today and how we can imagine it in the future. Artists, researchers, and creative people of all kinds seeking deeper knowledge are all welcome to apply. No previous experience necessary.