School of machines, making & make–believe

How can we critically investigate the impact of the Internet, web interfaces, and software on culture, society, and politics? How can we redefine and take back our digital spaces to encode our own social and intimate spheres to create social change?

  • / 3 October - 29 October 2016

  • / four weeks, full-time in Barcelona, Spain

  • / course conducted in English

  • / Based in HANGAR

  • / limited spaces available, apply soon!

  • / In collaboration with the Influencers conference

This course will focus on critically exploring the internet and software for its social and political impact, while learning the technical tools to intervene in purposeful ways. Instead of simply accepting and consuming the technologies presented to us, we'll critically investigate the intentions and effects of these technologies, and ways they can be harnessed or exploited for meaningful social change.


What defines the relationship between art and science? How can a deeper understanding of the laws of physics alter our perception and interactions with the world around us? In which ways do light and sound influence our experience of being human?

  • / Late Spring / Early Summer 2017

  • / four weeks, full-time in Warsaw, Poland

  • / 15-20 participants accepted

All elements of our world are composed of vibrating particles that pass through time and space. By exploring the different ways in which we experience vibration, we'll be able to more effectively understand the web of relationships that together form our perception of the universe through our bodies, minds, and tools. In this program, we'll navigate the world of vibration as a sensory experience with a special focus on sound and light.


We've run six programs thus far on topics ranging from responsive spaces, physical computing, and interventions, to digital fabrication, data visualisation, and connected devices. Click below to have a look at our previous offerings.