School of machines, making & make–believe

How can a deeper understanding of feeling and thinking help us define our ideal relationships with future machines?

  • / 3. April - 28. April 2017

  • / up to four weeks, full-time in Belgrade, Serbia

  • / 10-15 participants accepted

We're thrilled to invite applications for our first creative research residency. It's a residency in three parts: self-initiated learning, group teaching and sharing, and community outreach set to take place this spring in Belgrade, Serbia.

Through participation in this program, attendees will have a unique opportunity to investigate topics related to creative artificial intelligence and machine learning for artists with a group of like-minded peers and experienced mentors for up to four-weeks, this April 2017.

Individually, and as a group, we'll spend time examining the ethical and sociocultural dimensions of machine learning, while discussing issues of significance surrounding the ever-increasing integration of these thinking machines into our daily lives. We'll also explore the implications of perception and the notion and possibilities of future feeling machines.

This program will coincide with Belgrade's beloved annual Resonate festival dedicated to creative technology, audiovisual and music performance.


What defines the relationship between art and science? How can a deeper understanding of the laws of physics alter our perception and interactions with the world around us? In which ways do light and sound influence our experience of being human?

  • / May 1 - 26, 2017

  • / four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany

  • / 10-15 participants accepted

  • / Early fee until 1. March

  • / Only five spots left!

  • / Based in SPEKTRUM

All elements of our world are composed of vibrating particles that pass through time and space. By exploring the different ways in which we experience vibration, we'll be able to more effectively understand the web of relationships that together form our perception of the universe through our bodies, minds, and tools. In this program, we'll navigate the world of vibration as a sensory experience with a special focus on sound and light.


We will soon begin a series of live online courses aimed at engaging critical discourse, and creative approaches to social practice in the realm of art, technology, and design.


We've run nine programs thus far on topics ranging from: responsive spaces, physical computing, social activism, connecting human emotions and outerspace, facts and fictions in the age of data visualisation, connected devices and design fiction, computer vision, machine learning for artists, virtual reality and 360 filmmaking. Click below to have a look at our previous offerings.