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School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe is an organisation dedicated to the imaginative and non-sensical exploration of art and technology. We’re passionate about interactivity and storytelling. We enjoy learning and playing with tools that make our brains and our dreams come to life! Wanna join us?

We invite creative people of all kinds -- artists, teachers, technologists, makers, engineers, designers, the curious, people passionate about learning and creativity, those who secretly desire to create something meaningful -- all are encouraged to apply.

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Fabricating Empathy

Happening directly after Belgrade's beloved Resonate Festival, from April 20th-May 22nd, 2015, with a unique mix of talents hailing from the RCA in London and ITP in NY as well as international artists and researchers, we’ll see our next adventure take us further east to Belgrade, Serbia, where our program will focus on Empathy and Culture in the context of Digital Fabrication and speculative and critical design. Participants can expect to engage their science fiction fantasies, their digital fabrication know-how, and even their souls*. Apply now!

  • / 20 April - 22 May 2015

  • / five weeks, full-time in Belgrade, Serbia

  • / € 1600* (see FAQ)

  • / See 'Current' programs for more info

Director/Geschäftsführerin: Rachel Uwa * Urbanstraße 47 10967 Berlin, Germany * +49 151 753 746 02 * Email: * SteuerNr.: 14/448/59614