creative coding for beginners


How can we create meaningful interactive experiences or tell stories with code?

• 5. August - 30. August 2018
• Based at ACUD in Berlin, Germany
• Four weeks, full-time
• Small class of participants

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



As we become more connected through technology,  understanding how that technology works can be empowering, insightful  and practical, especially as coding has become a building block for an  increasing number of professions. We hope that by increasing the number of people who can understand code, we can also diversify the voices controlling these technologies.


How can we create meaningful interactive  experiences or tell stories with code? This course will focus on  creative coding, interactivity, and self. The goal is to  explore the creative and expressive possibilities of technology, digital  tools, and self-expression while gaining a foundation in how to code.

in this course,
you will be
introduced to

  • Tools for creating interactive artworks with code
  • Toolkits and platforms like Processing, P5.js
  • Programming building blocks through experimentation and hands-on projects making
  • Playing with interaction, audio, and visuals
  • Axidraw techniques for plotting artwork
  • Tools for generating ideas, building stories, completing a project.
  • Playful ways of self-expression
  • Getting familiar with command line
  • Gaining familiarity through understanding documentation, installing tools and libraries, and using github etc. to carve your own way forward
  • An amazing network and community of like-minded creative beings and potential future collaborators

course outline

Week 1: Introductions, concepts, narratives, play, and critical discourse as introduction to your fellow students and to coding. Fundamentals of coding with processing / p5.js.

Week 2: Command line made fun and easy. Further tools and techniques for creating interactivity through code. Learning plotter techniques and how to use Axidraw to create cool code art outside of the screen. 

Week 3: Advanced techniques for working with sound and visuals.

Week 4: Creating collective narrative and interactive experiences for showcase to the public on the final day of the program.

who is this
program for?

The workshop is suited for anyone interested in familiarising themselves with code, and particularly suited for visual artists and designers keen to augment their practice. In this workshop, you will be taught through hands-on and playful explorations, creating visuals, animations, and interactive experiments. You will be provided with with an essential tool kit that can be applied across contexts and problems and will do so in a manner that is fun, accessible, and engaging. By programs end, you'll create coded projects for final exhibition at programs end. No previous experience necessary.

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