about us


School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe is a uniquely curated School born in Berlin, Germany in 2014, keen on inventing one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experiences in the areas of art, technology, design, and human connection. 

We embrace art, creativity and exploring the latest technology and ourselves with openness, humility, and curiosity.

We follow the Berlin Code of Conduct.

The School of Machines, Making & Make Believe provides one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experiences in the areas of art, technology, design, and human connection. Our philosophy is centered around the idea that we are all lifelong learners. We would love for our students to leave our programs activated; not only equipped with technical and hands-on tools and skill sets, but also critically-minded, more deeply engaged with their surroundings and with themselves.

Artists, designers, technologists, makers, researchers and the like come to us to explore new topics, develop and expand their practice, and wrestle out the courage to begin something new. We support them in these endeavors while encouraging curiosity, confidence, and the enthusiasm to say something with their work.

Our instructors are distinguished artists and technologists working directly with the tools they teach and our programs provide an opportunity for our students to work with them to expand their fields of knowledge and build towards a more interdisciplinary practice. Program sizes are small and students actively engage their new-found skills and collaborators each step of the way, creating individual and group work towards a public exhibition at programs end.

We encourage people without previous experience to apply, as we believe the formative qualities that make each of us distinctive humans-- our beliefs, attitudes and unique experiences-- can guide us towards the creation of something more magical than what technology alone can achieve. We must all start somewhere!

Have a look at our current programs here and testimonials from our former students here.

Please note that each program is a unique moment in time. As we explore new themes and tackle new questions, topics, instructors, duration and even the country in which programs are held each year will change. We’re striving to keep it interesting. Stay tuned!