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All elements of our world are composed of vibrating particles that pass through time and space. By exploring the different ways in which we experience vibration, paying particular attention to sound, light, and visuals, we'll be able to more effectively understand the web of relationships that together form our perception of the universe through our bodies, minds, and tools. In this program we'll learn the fundamentals of how vibrations (energy) move through space by working with visual and experimental sound artists to navigate the world of vibration as a sensory experience. We'll also work with theoretical physicists to understand the fundamentals of vibrations, and how they influence every element of the world we live in.

• May 1 - 26, 2017
• four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• 10-15 participants accepted
• Based in SPEKTRUM

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



During this four-week program we will explore the notion of vibration  from both the scientific and creative perspectives. Each week a group of  scientists and artists will host a workshop that will highlight a  different element of vibration. Working together, they will discuss the  mechanical properties—how these aspects of vibration actually work and  what their effects are— which will be matched with demonstrations of how  these properties can be manifested creatively, primarily through light  and sound.

We will start the course with the fundamentals, with things like string  theory, harmonic oscillators, how sound and light waves are created and  perceived by the mind/body. Working essentially from micro to macro,  concrete to conceptual, we will then discuss notions of observational  atmospheric oscillations: gravitational waves and seismic oscillations,  illustrated with a more psychological relationship between movement and  place/how we perceive the spaces around us.

We will end with conversations related to theoretical physics: the  relationship between space and time, and how these concepts are explored  visually and aurally. The final week will be focused on hands-on  working time where students will be able to refine and realize their  works, which will be featured in a one-night exhibition on the final  night of the course.

in this course,
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course outline

Week 1: Introduction, fundamentals of vibration, how vibration is experienced within the body/unseen forces+body+object

Week 2: Vibration as sound, psychology of sound/sound+space(natural/architectural)

Week 3: Vibration as light, time+space/patterning

Week 4: Work time, processing and producing works for final exhibition

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This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in understanding how the world works from a functional, fundamental, scientific perspective, how these forces impact us on a day-to-day level, and then how to translate this into creative energies through light and sound. You don’t have to have a background in physics to participate in this workshop. We have built-in the time for introductory lectures which will open-up into group discussions throughout the weeks. We will begin at a basic popular science level and will advance along with the requirements of the group. This workshop is designed for people who are interested in making connections between the seen and unseen forces at play in our universe.

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