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Computer vision is a responsive, interactive, and exciting tool for realising creative vision. From tracking body movements to face detection and pixel manipulation, computer vision is a rich area that opens up many new possibilities. Low cost cameras and open source platforms now make this field much more accessible allowing us to introduce powerful algorithmic approaches to our creative endeavors. These kinds of technologies are also pervasive in our daily lives and understanding their inner workings will allow us to challenge and play with them in creative and subversive ways.

• 6 June - 1 July 2016
• four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• 10-15 participants accepted

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



This course will introduce students to the fundamentals  of computer vision and image processing for creative projects and  critical discourse.

Computer Vision is an area of research centered on  how algorithms can extract information from images. This was originally  done using still images, later video and now includes 3D data from  cameras with 3D 

Computer vision has found application in many areas: the  military, video games,  police surveillance, robotics, etc. For artists  and designers, computer vision can bring interactivity to works  allowing reaction to body movement and motion, and allowing for the  creation of new forms of imagery.

Through the exploration of these technologies  for creative purposes we’ll have the opportunity to see how these  algorithms may be used for privacy and surveillance and what problems it  might pose to use them within different contexts. In a time when access  to cameras and sharing of imagery is commonplace, the possibility of  analyzing or manipulating images allows for new forms of commentary and  creativity.

This course will be taught using Openframeworks.

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course outline

Week 1: Introductory Lectures (guest speakers tbd)

Week 2: Basic techniques for computer vision using OpenCv and openFrameworks

Week 3: 3D cameras and related algorithms

Week 4: Projects for final exhibition

who is this
program for?

This workshop is geared toward anyone involved in creative projects (designers, makers, artists, musicians, performers etc.) that want to begin incorporating computer vision into their work or practice. The course approaches computer vision from an introductory level, however a basic knowledge of programming (in any language/platform) is encouraged.

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