responsive spaces

Coding Responsive Spaces

How can we create meaningful interactive experiences or tell stories with code?

• 30. June - 25. July, 2014
• Four-weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• Hosted at The WYE

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



This course will focus on creative coding and interactivity in the context of responsive spaces. The goal is to explore the creative and expressive possibilities of new technologies and digital tools and sensors while gaining a foundation in creative coding (algorithmic animation, computer vision, audio analysis and synthesis, projection mapping, networks, and 3D graphics).

We will work mainly with OpenFrameworks and Processing, but other platforms will also be incorporated such as Max/PureData and SuperCollider. Teachers and students will work together towards the production of individual or group projects and will have access to the equipment needed to create functioning responsive installations. Expect to play with code, be experimental and have fun!

Throughout the program, there will be time for interesting exercises, collaborations, and even outside excursions — it will be summertime in Berlin, after all!  Not only that, we’ll also have guest speakers and artist talks alongside the base classes and workshops.

The program begins at 10am every morning with an Core Programming course which runs a few hours long, followed by a lunch break, collaborative worktime and an afternoon lab session. Some days there will be more on the schedule particularly the first two weeks. Four weeks will go by quickly and we want to provide as much content and opportunities for creative hands-on learning as possible!

We will be doing group check-ins so that students can voice where they would like more help and focus. Fridays will be a bit more experimental with guest lectures and other outside activities. We will provide as many opportunities for engagement as possible, with creative exercises and group activities. We believe in learning by doing and in having fun!

1st week
Getting familiar with your tools: the basics of programming. It’s also the time for everyone to get to know each other and to explore ideas and concepts surrounding art, technology, interactivity, and storytelling.  Along with core coding classes, we’ll examine and explore questions about the purpose of technology in art.  What kinds of conceptual expression are made possible through programming? How can interactivity be used to tell your stories? Main instructors during this first week will be Arturo Castro, Abe Pazos, Anrick Bregman, S. Astrid Bin and Raphaël de Courville.

2nd & 3rd weeks
Main focus will be on getting more hands-on with tools like Processing and openFrameworks.  By week three, we'll be delving more into Interactive aspects of programming and animation. We’ll also explore using sensors to detect the world around you, and delve into sound synthesis with frameworks like Max/MSP, Pure Data, and SuperCollider. Main instructors during this time will be Abe Pazos, Arturo Castro, and Chris Sugrue.  We’ll also be joined for a hands-on workshop by heart chamber orchestra mastermind Peter Votava!

4th week
The final week is dedicated to advanced interaction and further development of projects, both collaborative and individual, to be showcased at the final event.

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