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How does our message change when we take art out of the gallery and into public space?

• TBD Summer 2022
• Based in Berlin, Germany
• Four weeks, full-time
• Small class of participants

Artist / Student (Full Time)*
€1825 early fee**, €2195 regular fee

€1955 early fee**, €2395 regular fee

€2125 early fee**, €2595 regular fee

Early fees until 21. June


Art has the power to change the world but how can we spread our messages far and wide and have greater reach and impact? This program is about creating artworks not for the gallery but for residing in public space. What considerations must we take into account when working towards outdoor public presentation and interactivity? This program aims to output collaborative public artworks to be displayed in various locations throughout Berlin.

How can we create meaningful experiences or tell stories by making things interactive? This course will focus on physical computing, interactivity, materials and fabrication, with the goal of creating a series of interactive public artworks by programs end. We will use electronics and various materials and fabrication techniques and explore how they can work seamlessly together to help you express yourself.

This class is for anyone interested in manifesting ideas and in showing others what strangeness and inspiration lurks in the hard to express parts of ourselves. The goal is for students to develop ways to approach, navigate, and realize those dreams and ideas that just seem too big, too deep, or too powerful to become real. With some tools and some guidance any idea can be broken down into a process and series of steps.

Teachers and students will take a hands-on approach to working with electronic components, sensors motors, and power supplies as well as with Arduino microcontrollers to play and to create magical things that bring ideas to life through interactivity. It is a month-long intensive program that will equip artists with the technical expertise and confidence to continue working on their own projects long after the program has ended.

in this course,
you will be
introduced to

  • How to concretize your ideas from conception to hands-on implementation
  • Electronics, from beginner to intermediate level, from prototype to considerations for sturdier applications
  • Basics of coding and how to use sensors and other devices for creating interactive artworks
  • Building interfaces using paper prototyping, fabrics, and collage
  • Building circuits from schematic to breadboard
  • Making printed circuit boards
  • Creating interaction with sound using
  • How to work with paint and other materials (acryllic, plaster, concrete, wood, etc.) for creating physical props and objects
  • Practical use of handtools
  • Material research and development
  • Installation and fabrication techniques
  • Personal project management and related tools
  • Professional development for artists and creatives
  • Exciting humans working in the field
  • Critical and conceptual development of projects to be showcased on the streets of Berlin
  • An amazing network and community of like-minded creative beings and potential future collaborators

course outline

Week 1: Introductions, historical perspectives on public art and interactivity, playful collaboration and experiments in public space, intro to electronics and prototyping

Week 2: Learning to work with various materials including plastics, silicone, cement, wood, paints, epoxy clay, casting resin, foam, and related safety precautions

Week 3: Intermediate electronics, interactivity, sealants, project planning, professional development for creatives

Week 4: Continuation of previous week, documentation of work, finalising projects for installation and public presentation.

who is this
program for?

This program is geared toward anyone involved in creative fields (conceptual artists, architects, designers, makers, builders, visual artists, performers, production workers in theater, film, and tv, etc.) interested in expanding their creative practice into designing interactive artworks for the public domain. No previous experience necessary.

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