feeling and thinking


• 3. April - 28. April 2017
• up to four weeks, full-time in Belgrade, Serbia
• 10-15 participants accepted

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



We're thrilled to invite applications for our first  creative research residency. It's a program in three parts:  self-initiated learning, group teaching and sharing, and community  outreach set to take place this spring in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Through participation in this program, attendees will  have a unique opportunity to investigate topics related to creative  artificial intelligence and machine learning for artists with a group of  like-minded peers and experienced mentors for up to four-weeks, this  April 2017.

Individually, and as a group, we'll spend time examining  the ethical and sociocultural dimensions of AI and machine learning,  while discussing issues of significance surrounding the ever-increasing  integration of these thinking machines into our daily lives. We'll also  explore the implications of perception and the notion and possibilities  of future feeling machines.

This program will coincide with Belgrade's beloved  annual Resonate festival dedicated to creative technology, audiovisual  and music performance.

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This creative research residency is aimed at people working in creative disciplines who wish to learn more about machine intelligence and how to apply it in their own fields. It is *not* aimed at scientists or engineers who are seeking a rigorous technical course on machine learning-- and in fact it is not a *course* at all. Rather, this as a hands-on, self-directed learning retreat. No specialized knowledge of mathematics or computer science is assumed or expected of participants. We'll build up our own understanding of the subject from elementary building blocks, imagination, analogy, and metaphor. This residency is more practical than it is theoretical; we are interested less in proving theorems and equations, and more into bringing people together who are keen on researching relevant topics, exploring various uses of text and data, and/or hacking existing tools for making machines that do interesting things. Of course, we're also really excited to meet new fun, interesting people while we explore machine learning and culture in Belgrade together. People of diverse backgrounds and interests will all find something to take away from this creative residency experience. If you are a journalist interested in the socioeconomic ramifications of increased automation, a musician wanting to manipulate your instruments with data streams, a designer wishing to imbue your craft with machine artifacts, or you’re just plain old fascinated by the age-old philosophical dilemma of cognition, this residency program is for you.

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