facts and fictions


• 2 November - 27 November 2015
• four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• Based in ACUD MACHT NEU Kunsthaus
• Only 6-10 participants accepted
• For pricing info, see FAQ

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



The relationship between data (information) and stories is rich and  multi-layered. Now more than ever, questioning the origins of our data  and how it is collected is essential to our understanding of it. 


With an eye on perception, objectivity, critical thinking,  analysis, misinformation and truth, we’ll examine data, and in turn data  visualisation, in all its grotesque and beautiful facets, focusing on  the finer details of how to pull a story from data and craft it into  something meaningful.


Throughout the program, you’ll explore the seen and the  unseen. You’ll go from conceptualising to sketching and playing with  data, challenging yourself to interact with data in visceral and  unconventional ways. You'll learn methods to collect and gather data  both off- and online. Once you’ve established your dataset, you'll  explore ways to communicate your story using layout and design. You’ll  also learn how to take your data into the physical realm, creating  objects using 3D printing and lasercutting techniques.


Each participant will have an opportunity to come up with a  concept which is meaningful to them. By the second week we'll begin  focusing on individual topics and research, learning how to gather and  work with data significant to the project you are creating. The program  culminates in an exhibition of your work in a final group show.


Whether you’re a designer who longs to integrate data into  your work, a seasoned data analyst who wants to communicate data in more  engaging and artistic ways, or you’re someone who simply dreams of  working in the field of data visualisation and data storytelling and are  seeking a creative and in-depth foundation from which to begin, we  encourage you to join us!

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