fabricating empathy


• 31 August - 27 September 2015
• four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• Based in ACUD Macht Neu Kunsthaus and FabLab Berlin facilities
• Only 6-10 participants accepted
• Deadline to apply: August 9
• For pricing info, see FAQ

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



The aim for this program is to enable a hands-on approach and  creative exploration of digital fabrication, electronics and sensors.


This program is part of an on-going investigation and  research project by London-based artists Andrew Friend and Sitraka  Rakotoniaina called Very, Very Far Away which is set to be realised in  April 2016.


Fabricating Empathy will emphasise the learning and use of  digital fabrication and processes to examine how technologically  mediated interactions can produce emotional and empathetic responses and  how they could be repurposed to experience distant and even fictional  territories.

in this course,
you will be
introduced to

  • Work shown during London Design Week**
  • Prototyping as iterative design and development process
  • Design, development and fabrication of physical mechanisms
  • Integration of multiple materials and media to create interactive objects
  • CAD design for fabrication: use of Rhino to develop 3D models suitable for manufacture with 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser-cutters
  • Digital fabrication tooling, e.g. 3D printing moulds, jigs, etc.
  • Basic programming using Arduino - motors, steppers, servos, sensors, LED strips, etc.
  • Use and integration of traditional manufacturing processes alongside new technologies in creation of new objects/components.
  • Experience with different materials, e.g. plastics, metals, rubbers, timber, etc.
  • Presentation and communication of ideas to a wide international audience in both London and Berlin
  • Final exhibit in Berlin

course outline

I. Speculative design concepts, prototyping, beginning 3D modelling, training (laser cutter, 3D printing)

II. Developing design concepts, 3D modelling, beginning electronics / arduino / sensors, materials, training (CNC)

III. Continuation of week two, working towards final projects

IV. Development and fabrication of final protoypes, some prototypes taken to London, first livestream meeting about projects with Space Studios London, final show Berlin, livestream show during London Design Week

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