• 3. July - 28. July 2017
• four weeks, full-time in Berlin, Germany
• 10-15 participants accepted

Artist / Student (Full Time)*



Virtual Reality is a medium compelling us to explore  artistic creation, storytelling, and interactivity. The goal of this  program is to approach VR as a creative platform to address social  issues, imagine new forms of social engagement, and create social  experiences that engage multiple users at a time.


The primary tool of this program will be Unity 3D.  We will also incorporate 3D, 360 video, video-tracking, and  micro-controllers. As we engage the potential of these new tools, we  will also take a critical perspective discussing the shortcomings and  challenges of future technologies. No previous experience in virtual  reality required.


We are all embedded in social systems, enabled and  constrained by a tangle of relationships and interdependencies. In this  program, we'll aim to examine social relations by reframing our  environments as fragile ecosystems. 


This will allow us to focus on narratives that  offer new ways of understanding ourselves, other animals, plants,  stones, habitats, ecosystems, and as super-communities made up of  networked collectivity functioning as something more than the sum of its  parts. 


This summer, we attempt to go beyond that binary, inspiring a nuanced look at different styles of coexistence.

in this course,
you will be
introduced to

  • creative development with Unity3D*
  • scripting in Unity3D to create interactivity*
  • filming with 360 Cameras*
  • creating AR and VR experiences using Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Vive*
  • interactivity using computer vision and micro-controllers*
  • critical and conceptual development of projects*
  • An amazing network and community of like-minded creative beings and potential future collaborators
  • *No previous experience necessary

course outline

Week 1: Introductions, concepts, narratives, play, and critical discourse.

Week 2: Tools and Techniques for creating interactive VR experiences in Unity

Week 3: Computer vision and microcontrollers as they relate to interactive VR

Week 4: Projects for final exhibition

who is this
program for?

This workshop is geared toward anyone involved in creative projects (designers, makers, artists, musicians, performers etc.) that wish to begin incorporating interactive virtual reality experiences into their work or practice. The course approaches VR from an introductory level. A basic knowledge of programming (in any language/platform) is encouraged but not required.

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